Monday, July 03, 2006

Aging - Some Thoughts

When I was a boy, I felt as if everyone had always been just the way I saw them.  Of course they told me that they had once been little boys and girls, but I could not imagine how that “old” person in front of me could ever have been young.  My grandfather had always been a stern, gray old man.  My father had always been a big, loud, family man.  I had always just been me, a kid.

I began to realize that I changed rather quickly from little boy to teen to young man.  It took many more years before I realized that my parents and grandparents had grown older as well.  It was only recently that I realized I am as old as that stern, gray, old man who was my grandfather.   I am much older than the big, loud, family man who shepherded me through my childhood.  My dad was 41 when I graduated from high school.  I was 55 this year when my son Charles graduated.  

I welcome the idea of dying and going to heaven to be with God forever.  I dread the inexorable decay of my body as I grow older.  I embrace the lessons I am being taught. I cherish my bits of hard won wisdom.  I pray that this dying body will be an ever present reminder of this world, and the ways of the world, which will pass away.  It is my spirit, and the works of my spirit which God enables, that will remain forever.   In my heavenly home, I will be cloaked in a new body. It will be better by far than any I have had in this life.  I pray I will use wisely the brief time remaining to me on this earth.  I pray that I will join all of you, when we are finally home.
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