Saturday, March 31, 2007

Does This Picture Make You Sad?

It makes me sad. I am not depressed or maudlin. I am sad because this young lady is someone's daughter. She has friends. She may be someone's sister or mother. Very likely someone flattered her by telling her that she could be a model. As such things often go, she would be hired for a photo shoot and would sign away her rights to how the photos were used. Days, months, or even years later, an editor creating ads for this sleazy dating service decided that her alluring appearance would be likely to draw in more benighted fools that are willing to suspend belief long enough to pay some money to meet a girl that they hope will live up to the fantasies that the photo tempts them to entertain. Some number of those fools are adroitly separated from their hard earned cash. The girl receives no further renumeration besides the dubious distinction of being recognized by friends or family who happen to see the add. Perhaps those same friends and family might encourage her and tell her how great she looks posed, painted, and accompanied by salacious subtitles. I purposely chose one of the less sexually suggestive ads. Nonetheless, the intent of the add is clear. It is all about stirring up passions in hopes of pulling in one more sucker to be fleeced. It amounts to a deception. It is an open and obvious ploy. It must succeed quite well with thousands and thousands of fools who supply the cash to keep lots and lots of these ads running on Myspace and perhaps other web locations. Enough cash is generated to run the adds with plenty left over to line the pockets of the hard hearted people who prey on the weak and who are willing to use the beauty of one of God's children to do so. If that does not grieve you, I ask you to pray to God for eyes to see and for a softer heart.
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