Monday, August 18, 2008

When Reality Exceeds One's Capacity to Fantasize

I'm a geezer. When someone asks me a question, I probably give them a longer answer than they were really wanting. Nonetheless, all I have to do is give a brief recount of what my four children are up to and I feel a bit like I am bragging or telling tall tales. Julia? Oh yes, she's in Tanzania with our son-in-law Viggo and our grandson Daniel. How long? Perhaps twenty plus years. Pamela? Anthropology major at Wheaton College. Six months in Nicaragua. Sending wonderful journals of what she is observing, learning, doing, feeling. Did I mention she plans to marry Michael in June 09? Charles, janitor - dry cleaning clerk - and well on his way to learning to being a rocket scientist at a leading Aerospace engineering University. Sam? Deeply moved by what God has shown him about how he may serve others. Following God with all his heart and managing to be extremely funny and talented as he goes about it.

My wife, Barbara, oh yes, beautiful and getting more beautiful, more kind, and more Christ like as each year passes. What a joy to have her as my spouse for now and forever. And she finds and follows so many paths towards serving so many people to the glory of God.

Me? A sinner saved by grace and blessed with talents given by God and strength supplied by God to endure some difficult times and provide for my family, serve others, and learn more and more of God's love for me.

I could never have dreamed such a life as I started out many years ago. Four full decades since I graduated from High School and set out to see what I might do in this world. I didn't even understand that God truly is and that he loves me until I was more than thirty years old.

Yes, I write many ponderous ponderings in this blog, but always in the context or matrix of being loved by God, family, and friends. How grateful I am for what I have been given.

Thank you, Lord!
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