Sunday, March 22, 2009

Scene of the Crime

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I drove my mom's 1962 Chrysler back and forth from my job at the A&P grocery when I was 16. Coming home late at night I always looked forward to this corner. I tried for a four wheel drift as a turned off Transcontinental and onto a long stretch of service road.

There were no houses or crossroads along it as there are in this more recent photo from Google Maps street level. So I felt free to floor the accelerator and see how high I could move the speedometer needle before I had to hit the brakes and slide into the turn to go down the street to my house.

I seem to remember 70 miles per hour as about my top speed. Four wheel drifts in a big hog like a Chrysler Newport are a dicey affair. I can't recall any bad consequences, except pretty serious wear on the tires. I remember the thrill like it was yesterday.
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