Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Will You Spend Eternity?

In the interview below, Richard Dawkins is asked if he had a choice between death ( as "that's it") or heaven, which would he choose?  He answers, "Give me two or three hundred years.   But I think no longer than that.  Eternity would be awful.

Dawkins is healthy, intelligent, and affluent.  If two or three hundred years of that seems good, were it offered,  why not a thousand, ten thousand, or more? What would make eternity awful?

Earlier in the interview, Dawkins was asked whether he would like it if there was a God.  His answer : "What matters is what is true.  The universe doesn't care what I like."

Eternity in an uncaring universe, apart from the God who is love, would indeed be awful.

It would be hell.

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