Monday, May 01, 2006

Close to Heaven, Close to Hell

An acquaintance recently quoted the following to me:

For those who trust in Christ as their savior, this world is as close to hell as they will ever experience.
For those who don't, this world is as close to heaven as they will ever experience.

I get that it is not scripture and is subject to all sorts of misinterpretations (as is scripture, come to think of it).
However, it caused me to think more deeply about heaven and hell for a few days.

Heaven is being fully in the presence of God and enjoying having all the encumbrances of this sin cursed world and our fallen nature removed.

Hell is being fully removed from the presence of God. No hope of further nudges from the Holy Spirit. No chance to express a change of heart. I imagine it as an endless night in a pitch black room on an uncomfortable bed. Desperately trying to sleep, but instead tossing and turning with my mind seething with resentments, anxieties, hostilities, all the works of the sinful nature.

It is a blessing to know that my readers still have the opportunity to seek God and be assured of finding him.

That is good news, indeed!
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