Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Example

O.K., one fairly tame example of the conundrum. It is extremely unlikely that a reader of this blog will recognize two of the women in this picture. As for me, and yes the young guy is me 25 years ago, I don't mind the fact my eyes are closed, my haircut is outdated, and my hand is clutching a totem of that era in my life (the beer , not the woman). I am afraid that this is about as risque a picture of Barbara as I can risk. Even if I inform my readers that we are married at the time of this photo, it still may appear to be a little too similar to our actual past to be comfortable for her. Yet is simply a photo of a happily married young professional with his wife sitting in his lap. And it is one of the early photos from our marriage that has survived subsequent censorship.

Well, so far as I can remember we were all fairly good boys and girls at that particular gathering. Perhaps a bit too much alcohol was consumed by some present. But otherwise, it was an innocent enough going away party for Barbara as she and I were about to move from California to Oregon in March of 1982.

One last thing, even though I believe Barabara is very pretty in this photo, I believe she is more beautiful by far this very night!
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