Friday, January 19, 2007

This is Different

It is one of those rare times in the past 25 years when it seems I will spend the night alone in our house. Charles and Pamela are away at college. Samuel went to spend the night at a friend's house. Barbara is gone for two nights to a women's retreat. Julia is with Viggo at Sacred Heart Hospital and hour from here. She is also in active labor and the doctors have decided to cease their interventions. So it is likely that Daniel will be born tonight.

It is a bit odd to be alone on the night when the first of our four children will make us grandparents. It is also somehow fitting. The torch is passed. Viggo and Julia are adults and are going through the incredible experience of having a child. They have the added intensity of having a premature baby. I thank God that they are in an excellent hospital with a very well equipped and staffed neonatal intensive care unit. I thank God that Daniel has had four extra weeks in the womb since Julia's labor first began on Dec. 21, 2006.

All of my children are grown up or getting there very quickly. I am a bit creaky and gray, but I hope to be around for a few more years to share more of these incredible life events.

As I sit alone this evening, I am all the more aware of my total dependence on God. He has enabled me to do all sorts of things, but right now it is time to rest and trust in him.
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