Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

Perhaps you have heard the idea that the flapping of a single butterfly's wings might trigger a series of events that could result in change as dramatic as a tornado being spawned a thousand miles away. You can read about it in Wikipedia here: The Butterfly Effect

I believe that seemingly insignificant events in my past have had tremendous consequences. A kind word spoken. A hand on my shoulder. A moment of forbearance. It is easy to believe that my life might be very different if any of those had not happened. However, when I look forward, I tend to imagine that only "big" actions on my part will have any significance. The big gift. The major sacrifice. The adventurous trip. It occurred to me recently how foolish it is to think that only the "big" things matter when the entire course of my life has been altered by things that might seem very small to anyone, even me.

Perhaps the realization of how much impact my every choice may have is painful. I may want to avoid a full understanding of it. However, if I am to do God's will on this earth, it is time that I believe that he will enable me to bear the consequences of such knowledge. It does not make me important. It does make my choices important. If I view the choice to forgive, the choice to serve, the choice to endure, as being vitally important, perhaps I will find the strength to make better choices.

I continue to make very many poor choices. I trust God to forgive me and to work all things to good. However, that is no reason to avoid seeking to participate with him in seeing his will done in all of creation. I pray that he will strengthen me to make choices that will glorify him.
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