Friday, October 17, 2008


The irony is that the when I have the most things to post about, I have the least time and ability to post. In late September I traveled to Orlando as part of my work with Wycliffe Associates. A few days after returning from there, Barbara, Samuel, and I flew to Tanzania to visit Julia and Viggo and of course, our grandson Daniel. Now we are close to ending our two week stay here. I could write pages and pages about things I have seen and done here. I can't do that right now, but I think I will make a list of topics that I may right about later:

1. Luxury vs Misery
2. Making gravel, by hand.
3. The importance of roads
4. The impact of Christianity vs. the impact of Christ
5. The giving dilemna
6. Going native: does it make any sense
7. How many people fit in a minivan.
8. Employees or Servants
9. What happens when there are no power tools.
10. Water
11. Appetite, Variety, Satiety, Obesity
12. Real Life Spiritual Warfare
13. Giving your life
14. Why not English?
15. Bureaucracy, how much can you take?
16. On being the only float in a long parade.
17. What I am afraid of, depending on where I am
18. Dubai - crossroads of globalization
19. Weaponry: Peace through superior firepower?
20. Motivation: Where does it come from?
21. Working versus watching versus resting.
22. Muscle, Machine, Mind
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