Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Who Am I?

I wonder that myself. I have so many titles that it's easy to get confused about what role I play in this world. Despite my 58 years, I am still a Child of God. My marriage is a great one, so I am a happy Husband. We have raised four children, and although the youngest is almost 18, I will always be Dad to each of them. Two years ago I added Grandpa. Fortunately, I had added the title Father-in-Law years before that.

At work I was often referred to as the Boss, since I was an engineering manager for most of my 33 years with HP. Nonetheless, I am enough of a nerd that many friends and family still think of me as an Engineer. After all, I can still get pretty excited about the latest developments in light emitting diodes (LED's), computer chips, and fiber optics.

These days I can refer to myself as Retired, although I prefer the title Freelance. That shift has allowed me more time to be a Volunteer for several outfits. It has also allowed me to become a Student, which is a title I hadn't used for more than 34 years. Perhaps upon completing my journalism class I will qualify as a Writer. That sounds like fun.

Well, that's enough about me. I would prefer to ask, “Who are you?”
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