Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fairview 1956

This video was created by the state of Oregon to communicate the need for special care for citizens with special needs. The intent of the video is to show that humane care was being provided at Fairview, but also to remind the public of the need to support such institutions financially.

Many will find the video disturbing.

In Our Care from Oregonian News on Vimeo.

I am posting it because as I wrote my post about Bud Fredericks, it occurred to me that many younger people would have little idea of what it meant for a special needs child or adult to be cared for in an institution.

Fairview is closed now. Generally, if care for special needs children and adults cannot be provided by their families, a system of group or foster homes is relied upon to provide care.

When feasible, special needs children attend public schools, receiving extra attention as required. This is referred to as mainstreaming.
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