Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is This a Financial Crisis?

Photo Credit to Lumaxart

My life savings have shrunk by about 40 percent since I retired eighteen months ago. I am sympathetic with folks who are worried about the state of the U.S. economy. I just don't think it is a crisis.

We use the word crisis far too freely.

Second by second, throughout the world, individuals have crises. Death of a loved one. Crippling accident. Debilitating disease. Starvation. Innumerable types of suffering.
There are almost seven billion humans on this planet. The majority live what most Americans would consider a wretched existence. The Miniature Earth Video illustrates their plight vividly.

When I walk into my local Safeway, I find the amount and variety of food overwhelming. I grew up in this culture. Imagine how it would seem to someone who eats only a bowl of rice or a plate of cornmeal mush every day, if they are fortunate.

I know that millions of people in this country are losing their jobs. Many are losing the houses they worked hard to acquire. I know that is painful. But I refuse to call it a crisis. To do so is callous in a world where children starve for want of a few cents worth of grain each day.

Let us work long and hard to stabilize our economy, but let us not forget that we are incredibly blessed. And let us remember those truly in crisis.
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