Friday, June 26, 2009

Major Media and Google Searches

Photo Credit: Media Influence by psdfan

Sometimes I get hints that some bigger media phenomenon is causing a lot of people to do searches on a particular term They show up in clumps as hits to my blog.

Today, I have had eight hits in a row where someone had searched the term "Men Without Chests" and found my blog post which includes that title (an essay by C.S. Lewis). Here are the locations:

United States Fayetteville, Arkansas

United States Madison, Wisconsin

United States

United States

United States Jacksonville, Florida

United States Lisle, Illinois

United States Rochester, Minnesota

I can only speculate as to what may have triggered such an anomaly. Perhaps an AP article, or a TV program televised nation wide, provoked a number of people to search the Internet for more information on that article. I won't do the math here, but I am certain that it is extremely unlikely to be a chance grouping of searches.
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