Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Account versus Recount

I enjoy giving a recount of many of the episodes in my life. If I emphasize the right details and throw in a bit of self deprecating humor, there are times when it may even be enjoyable for my readers. Giving a recount sounds so close to giving an account, that we might be tempted to ignore the difference. However, an account includes the reasons for why one did something. An account is offered to someone who has a degree of authority. Hence the term, accountable, as I am accountable to my wife or he is accountable to management. As I recount events, I can relax a bit. I may bore my reader, but I am in little danger of judgment. Accounts are more harrowing. In the midst of an account I may realize that the one to whom I am giving the account wants a great deal more than entertainment.

We will be called to give an account of our lives to God. God is the highest authority. That is why he is referred to as the king of kings. There is no higher authority. God has made the necessary sacrifice to allow us to be forgiven our misdeeds. Nonetheless, I think that giving an account to him will prove very challenging. God is good. God is love. There is every reason that we would want to win his approval. However, a frank account of many choices we make in this life will undoubtedly strike us a very unsatisfactory when we stand face to face with God at the end of our days on this earth. I thank God that we can be forgiven. I thank God that there is another, eternal life, after this one.
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