Thursday, February 28, 2008


I just watched the first half of a two DVD set of a concert that Pink Floyd did in 1994, "Pulse". It was incredible! Oh how I wish I could travel back in time and be at the live concert. Tons of my all time favorite music accompanied by a light show that surpassed anything I ever imagined. It was so good that I was delerious with happiness! And I started thinking about heaven. I thought, as good as that concert was, it was only a tiny taste of how good heaven will be. I could imagine myself in a vast crowd worshiping God as he shows us what light truly is. I don't mean that I think that I can actually comprehend it. I just got a glimpse of the fact that it will be better than anything I can imagine.

Barbara is gone. And I miss her. But I started the day with the privilege of playing with little kids while their mom got clothes for them at the kids kloset. I put in some time this afternoon helping folks connect with opportunities at Wycliffe projects. And then I had a taste of what it might be like to worship God in heaven. That is just plain cool.
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