Friday, April 25, 2008

Searching Kent Schnake

When I was a kid, and on into my early adult hood, I thought it was something of a burden to have weird name like Schnake. For a few decades I used to travel on business a lot. Often, after checking into a motel, I would look in the phone book to see if there were any other Schnake's in the town. I never found any.

The World Wide Web sure changed things. Through Google, Facebook, MySpace and other avenues, I have found lots of Schnakes. But when I say lots, I mean dozens, not thousands :-)
Because I have been a busy little bee writing posts for this blog for the past several years, I can now offer a new feature. Simply Google the words: Kent Schnake Peace or Kent Schnake Drugs or Kent Schnake Mother. For many words, a post from my blog will appear at or near the top of the list of web sites found with those words. Plus, if you click on that link and then use the "search blog " feature in Blogger (look up at the top of this page to find it), you can see every time I have used that word in my blog. I just tried it on a bunch of words. It works surprisingly well. Probably nobody will care, except for me and a few relatives who may want to see how often I have used words like drugs or butt or mental. But I think it is kind of cool. It does mean, however, that I would be the worst possible candidate for any public office. Talk about leaving a trail! However, I came to grips with that a while back. I decided that my actions: good and bad, have been seen by anyone in the world who happened to be standing near me at any given time.
I think I should feel a lot more chagrined about that than I am about the fact that a few folks will use the a search to see what I have written on the WWW! I've done a lot of really rotten things, and I can't erase them off a hard drive, even if I bribed Google a billion dollars. May God have mercy on my soul (and thankfully, he does).
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