Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kent's Life SAQ

Yes, seldom asked questions.  In fact, very likely these questions have never been asked.

Why write about Kent’s life?
I like to write.  My life is the thing I have had the most experience with.  It doesn’t seem fair to write about other peoples lives.  I really can’t even tell you exactly what I have done and why I did it.   It gets worse when I write about other people.

Do you like it when other people read what you have written?
Yes.  That probably explains why I go to the trouble of putting it on the internet where any Yahoo or Google can see it if they want to.  However, in searches using the term “Kent’s Life” I am eclipsed by superman’s alter ego and by a Japanese pop star named Kento Handa.

Do you like readers to make comments?  
I especially like comments that make me feel important, powerful, funny, good looking, smart, spiritual, etc.  There is plenty of room for other comments as well. However, I have a lot of trouble with comments that make me feel like crap.  Also, I would never want anyone to write comments out of a sense of obligation. That would make me feel like crap, if I ever caught on.  

Should your readers be careful with what they read here?
Yes.  I have done a lot of things that people should not try with their own lives.  For that matter, be careful with anything you read!  I never have understood why folks talk as if reading is automatically better than TV, video games, or drugs.  Anything can mess with your head and screw up your life if you are not full of care.  That includes reading.  It even includes praying, if you are praying to a god you invented instead of the God who invented you.

Has Kent’s life been particularly interesting or exciting?
Most of my life has been pretty unremarkable.  I seldom write about those parts.  I don’t know if I have had more interesting or exciting times than someone else.  Like anyone could ever know that.

Are you always honest and completely open about your life?
No.  Too many people might get hurt, and I might be one of them!  
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