Friday, April 24, 2009

On Being Watched

I have met many people who are very concerned about the fact that so much can be known about them via the Internet.  I understand their concern.  I have given the matter a good deal of thought.

However, I always come back to the fact that many more people have seen me in the flesh than are likely to ever learn about me on the Internet.  Thousands and thousands of people have seen me in person.  No doubt it is true that the vast majority had little interest in what they saw.  Most promptly forgot me.   

Hundreds of people have read about me on the Internet.  The vast majority were not interested. Most of them have also forgotten me.

So if thousands have seen me in person, why should I worry about hundreds who read about me on the Internet.  It is true that I have revealed some private things about myself in my blog, on Facebook, and elsewhere.  However, actions speak much louder than words.  People read my body language.  They see how I respond to others.  If they are close enough to hear me, they sense the anger, fear, or confidence in my voice.  

I smirk at another's misfortune.  I shed tears in sympathy.  I shout in anger.  Every one of these things can be observed.  My eyes speak volumes more than I will ever be able to communicate via the written word.  My shoulders can slump in defeat, shrug in puzzlement, or straighten as I stand unafraid.  My hands gesture continually.  A wave of greeting.  Clenched fists of rage. Palms opened in submission.  From my hair to my toes every part of me shouts out before I even open my mouth.

And I have only spoken of humans so far.  God, creator and lord of the universe, sees every move, hears every word, and knows every thought.  He sees the good and the bad.  The beautiful and the ugly.

Yes I am being watched.  Each moment is an opportunity to glorify God or to show my failings.

God help me.

Photo by zachstern
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