Thursday, April 02, 2009

Welcome To Downtown Magugu

Do you see anything in this picture that might make you want to move to this town?

Probably not.

My daughter and her husband live near here. They plan to stay for a couple of decades. They had to learn Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, just to get started.
Most people in the area around Magugu don't speak Swahili as their "first language". If you want to have a serious, deep discussion with them, you should learn Mbugwe. Of course learning the Mbugwe language will also entail working hard to understand the culture of the Mbugwe people. The Mbugwe (20,000 or so of them) are one of more than one hundred distinct people groups among the 30 million people of Tanzania.

Julia and Viggo want the Mbugwe people to have better access to the good news about Jesus Christ. They want it enough to move here and devote their lives to understanding the culture, learning the language, creating a written version, promoting literacy, and translating the Bible.

May God grant them the strength, the endurance, and the love that will enable them to succeed.
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