Monday, April 09, 2007

Women as Bait and Human Sacrifices

Below is a bulletin wrote on my Myspace site. I was fed up with Myspace ads and was about to quit it altogether. But it pained me that I would leave behind millions of folks who would continue to be used as bait or as suckers. I wrote one comment on Tom's profile (the myspace support guy who is everyone's first "friend", it wouldn't post but it must have gotten to someone!) The bulletin board I mention below is a Myspace feature that allowed me to write a note to all 20 friends at once.

The sex industry ads on MySpace (I include the so called "dating services" in that category, there are legitimate dating services but I doubt that these are legit) have vanished from my screen.One comment on Tom's page. One post to my bulletin board and they simply vanished!
Now I realize I was being targetted. Ladies, you have probably seldom seen the suggestively posed photos with the salacious subtitles. More recently, poor quality video clips of a girl wriggling and bending forward to show cleavage became more common. It is sucker bait. I never clicked on a single one that I can recall. Sad to say, in my checkered past, I had enough experiences to know that such ads are a thinly veiled portal to hard core pornography sites.
Gentlemen, chances are that you are targetted as well. I don't know if my age (56) drew more fire. However, since many of you list bogus ages, I imagine that you are seeing plenty, even if you are under 18.
Please do me a favor. Please pass the word. A comment to Tom protesting the sleaze. A post on your bulletin board to warn your friends. A blog article telling how you feel about the ads.
That is, do that if you think is wrong to exploit young women as meat and if you think it is wrong to lure men into foolish fantasy lands where women are merely there as sacrifices on the altar of lust. If you think all that is just peachy, please stay silent like a good little depraved sheep.

Sometime I'll have to let you know how strongly I really feel about this.
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